Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is the home to beautiful fjords filled with icebergs and whales.


It is also within helicopter distance of the icesheet and some large, land-terminating glaciers. In order to sample this drainage of the icesheet, we investigated a couple of glaciers via google earth and settled on the Kangaussarssup Sermia, which terminates in a large braided river valley and ultimately drains into the Ameralik Fjord.


In the helicopter (Air Greenland A-star)




Ameralik Fjord

This location ended up being one of the best sampling sites because the wide, braided channel allowed us to land within 100m of the toe of the glacier and directly access the water as it exits from the subglacial environment.

IMG_1605 IMG_1602 IMG_0064

Unfortunately, while the sampling site was one of the best, the sediment load remained similar to previous sites and we spent long hours filtering samples – although this time from the relative comfort of the hotel bathroom!



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