Delayed–but new adventures in Akaroa

This morning at 4:45 am we received a call that our deployment would be delayed 24 hrs due to bad weather at McMurdo Station, so we got a chance to catch up on sleep and explore the beautiful scenery near Christchurch.

We rented a car and drove about 1.5 hrs SE to Akaroa, a small town on the water surrounded by volcanic hills and lush farmland dotted with livestock.




We had lunch at a small cafe right on the water, and spent about 2 hrs on a naturewalk where we had gorgeous views of the harbor and hillside.

The walk finished near a house with a great garden full of jasmine and roses.



We are again scheduled to fly out of Christchurch tomorrow morning, but we will have to wait and see if the pilots feel comfortable enough to make the flight. If not, we may be doing some more exploring around the area!


2 thoughts on “Delayed–but new adventures in Akaroa

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