Made it to Antarctica!

There was no cancellation of the flight this morning and we headed to the airport bright and early with all of our gear. As we watched informational videos before boarding, it was hard to believe that we were actually on our way to Antarctica, a place that around 1% of the world’s population has been to.

We feel so lucky for the opportunity to travel and conduct field work here, and we could barely contain our excitement:



After take off, we spent a few of the 5 hour flight catching up on sleep, and luckily we were able to walk upstairs and get a view of the cockpit and the amazing view of the sea ice surrounding the continent of Antarctica:


Later on in the flight, we could look out of a small window and see mountains poking up through snow and ice:


When we landed almost everyone from the flight stopped and took pictures and enjoyed the view, we couldn’t have asked for better weather.


We will spend the next few days organizing gear and getting ready to head out into the field until mid to late December at the Taylor Glacier which is located in the Dry Valleys. Stay tuned for more information about our field work and research questions.


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