Preparing for the field season

Getting ready for the field season is a lot of work. When we are going into the field with no access to electricity or plumbing we have to bring our own generators and receptacles for trash and human waste. It is very important to make sure that whatever we pack in, we pack out. We are here to collect ice cores and observe the environment around us, not to disturb it or introduce new invasive species or contaminate it. We also have to pack a lot of cold weather gear and survival equipment to make sure that we are as warm and safe as possible.

Additionally, we are responsible for planning out our meals and pulling all of the food and drink mix that we will need for two 2-week periods. We have to pay special attention to what kind of food items we bring. We can’t bring food in glass jars (like tomato sauce) because it will freeze, expand, and crack the glass.


Student Sarah Aarons excited about pulling food for camp

Finally, we need to make sure that we have all of the equipment that we need to perform our fieldwork and collect our data! Below is a picture of us packing our 120 ice core boxes, which are made of corrugated plastic lined with foam. After each ice core is collected, we will pack it and prepare it for shipping back to the United States.


Team member Luca Lanci behind ice core boxes with straps

After we have gathered all of our items to take out into the field, we pack it up, weigh it, and bring it down to the helo-pad for them to transport to our field site. We are scheduled to head out on Tuesday, which is right around the corner!

On a side note, we had a small amount of free time today and we took a walk to the historic Scott Hut, where we had a beautiful view of the sea ice and saw some live Weddell Seals!




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