Happy shells in Norway

Woohoo! Our pH control measurement has been running for two months! According to our continuos monitoring, everything worked properly. Although there are a little bit fluctuations, basically we kept the designed pH levels with CO2 bubbling method successfully, and let the other environmental factors remain relatively constant.


Also, the shells live happily so far here. Look at the fecal pellets that have been building up on the top of the flower pot, it shows that our Arctica were fed by nature seawater, and poop crazily!

 IMG_2473 IMG_2474

Next Month we are going to have our mid-point growth check, then we can know how much they have grown in turns of shell height, length, and width, as well as their total weight. At the moment we will have the second shell staining so that we can have an external time control inserted into the shell records.

I can’t wait to measure them again. So excited for their growth!


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