Back to the bottom of the world

Getting to Antarctica is both boring and exhausting punctuated with moments of stress and excitement.

Sarah Aarons and I boarded our plane from LAX to Christchurch at 10:30 pm. After an extra hour waiting at the gate for a passenger that never arrived we were on hour way! Skip ahead 16 hours and we deplaned in Sydney for our transfer to Christchurch….then waited 2 hours for our very late plane to arrive at the gate. After another uneventful flight to Christchurch, we arrived to find that all of our bags (including some scientific equipment) were now lost luggage! Ah the joys of modern travel….

But another day and we got into the CDC (Clothing Distribution Center) to find out bags had been delivered – woohoo!

The CDC is a magnificent place of extreme cold weather (ECW) clothing wonder and glamour. Thousands of scientists and support staff have traveled through the CDC picking up their ECW that keeps them warm and safe. Because we all come in so many sizes and shapes, they have a warehouse of ECW….





We spent a couple of hours getting ourselves organized and trying on parkas, fleece, and boots, and now we’re ready to head south!



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